Every writer can write good essays – some can even write great ones. But most writers aren’t living up to their potential. Here is a list of ways that you can improve your writing. Most of these are fixes to very common mistakes.

Use the word processor that came with your computer or upgrade to a pro-level one. Mine is┬ácalled Scrivener but you can also use Grammarly. That one has a spell-check and you can set it to check your grammar as well. I’m always finding errors in my writing thanks to these checks. I was given the advice to do this and my writing is so much better for it.

Have as many people critique your work as you can get to get different perspectives on your work. Join writer’s groups. The people in these groups are always ready to give what advice they can.

Remember that you get what you give. Don’t just take advice and never give any.

Always take the advice that you are given from your writer’s group or editors who critique your work. Every piece of advice I’ve been given has worked for me. And never take offense to what people say, remember, they are trying to help you.

Write a first draft on a piece of notebook paper. This way you can use your typing session as your editing session. This has helped me see many mistakes in my writing. If you’re worried about word count this method can help you as well. I usually get between 500 to 600 words on the front and back of a piece of college-ruled notebook paper.

Leave your first draft sitting for a day if it is not time sensitive material. That way you can look it over and see if your article sounds weird. Any article sounds great when it is still fresh, but if the article is bad, you can usually see the bad parts and fix them after you take some time to let the idea cool off.

When reviewing something, always ask yourself what you would want to know if you were looking to buy that product or go to that place. Then add some more. This will make your essay actually informative.

When writing on topics that you are not 100% sure about – or writing an essay about a news subject, always research your facts. This ensures that you have your information correct and that no one can sue you for libel.

When checking for facts, my rule is: if you see it in three completely different places, it’s usually true.

Look at current trends. Look to see how certain types of articles are doing. This gives you ideas and helps you to find out what styles and subject matter is doing best.

Look at other people’s work if you can. This helps you to get a feel of what’s expected. It also helps to keep you from being redundant. Redundancy makes an article mediocre. Find obscure or less well known facts to make a redundant article interesting. If you can, buy an article from an essay-writing service. These guys are pros and you can learn a lot from them.

And last, but not least, never “write down” to your readers. Writing down is received about as well as talking to a ten year old as if they were five. Your readers will hate it and believe that you think they are stupid.

Remember, you are not better than you readers.

These tips should help many writers be better and get them closer to their potential.