Writing has been considered an art by many for a long time. Newspapers, books, editorials, and magazines all can thank their existence to writing. It has served to pass out information to the public, to document historic landmarks and events, and to entertain the public. It is indeed one of the most important sources of information for people.

But have you ever wondered how all these writers are able to….well write and have their works published?

Do you think they have some unnatural talent to grasp a reader’s attention and convey information to the public through merely writing on a piece of paper or typewriter? There are several myths about writing and writers and many of these don’t do any good to potential journalists and book writers. Here are a few of them:

  1. Writers are born, not made – Sounds true, but it isn’t. All the writers you’ve heard about had to acquire their skills by working and polishing their writing. They are not just born. Sure, some may have an easier time than others, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t be a great writer by working hard. It’s just like sports. The more you practice and the harder you work, the more successful you are going to be.
  2. Writing is a linear, tidy, left-to-right process – Have you seen some rough drafts from well known American writers such as Edgar Allen Poe? They are not neat and clean, but really messy, with scribbles and scratching all over the place. Writing is usually done in bits and pieces and it’s important for you to recognize that it is a start and stop process.
  3. Writing should the same for everyone – If you ever hear your teacher saying that you should all write the same way, he or she is mistaken. We all have different thought patterns, so it’s only logical for us to write in different ways and to use different techniques. Ever noticed how we all have different mannerisms, have different likes and dislikes, and also have different opinions about various subjects? It’s because we are unique, and you want your writing to reflect how you think.
  4. Writing is permanent – Nope, sorry, wrong again. You can always change what you write. Sometimes, an idea may hit you while you’re writing and you may need to change a couple of things here and there. There is nothing wrong with changing what you put down on your paper.
  5. Writing is merely transferring thoughts from mind to paper – Yes, well it would make sense for us to have something to write about before we attempt to write something. But remember something. Thoughts are created while you write. Sometimes, writing a couple of ideas on your paper is the best way to clear up your mind. It helps you come up with better solutions, helps your writing style and your thought process overall.


For all those aspiring writers, keep working at it.

Don’t let other people’s success get to you and your dream to become a best-selling author.

And definitely, don’t let other people’s opinion get the best of you. Writing is a life-long process. Remember, there are no secrets to success, only hard work.